Maisie Pryor (Nee Taylor)

Maisie Taylor studied archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. She co-directed excavations at Etton Causewayed enclosure and Flag Fen with Francis Pryor. She is a wood specialist and is currently working with the Star Carr team at the Universities of York and Manchester, as well as on many other projects!
Maisie was a primary school teacher before becoming a trainee draughtsman in an electronics drawing office, and then a freelance archaeologist.

Projects include: Star Carr, Fiskerton, Yarton Floodplain, Eton Rowing Lakes, Bradley Fen and Must Farm

Selected publications:

  • 2008 Waterlogged Wood in Mudd,A. and Pears,B. Bronze Age Field System at Tower’s Fen, Thorney Peterborough BAR British series 47
  • 2009a Worked waterlogged wood in Allen,C. (ed) Exchange and Ritual at the Riverside: Late Bronze Age Life in the Lower Witham Valley at Washingborough, Lincolnshire Pre-Construct Archaeology (Lincoln) Monograph Series No.
  • 2009b The Waterlogged Wood in Daniel,P. Archaeological Excavations at Pode Hole Quarry: Bronze Age occupation on the Cambridgeshire fen-edge pp113-125 BAR British series 484 Archaeopress, Oxfor
  • 2010 Big Trees and Monumental Timbers in Pryor,F. and Bamforth,M. (eds) Flag Fen, Peterborough: Excavation and Research 1995-2007 pp90-97 Oxbow Book
  • 2010b Hadley,P., Milner,N., Hall,A., Taylor,M., Needham,A., Taylor,B., Conneller,C. To block lift or not to block lift? An experiment at the early Mesolithic site of Star Carr, North-east Yorkshire, UK. Internet Arch. 28
  • 2011a Update of various entries about wood in archaeology Oxford Companion to Archaeology, Oxford University Press
  • 2011b The Wood in Milner,N., Conneller,C., Elliott,B., Koon,H., Panter,I., Penkmen,K., Taylor,B. and Taylor,M. From riches to rags:organic deterioration at Star Carr in J.Arch Sci 38 2818-2832
  • 2012 Conneller,C., Milner,N., Taylor,B. and Taylor,M. Substantial Settlement in the European Early Mesolithic: new research at Star Carr in Antiquity 86 1004-1020

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