Grant Policy


The Francis and Maisie Pryor Charitable Trust is an independent organisation set up by archaeologists, environmentalists, and supporters to promote the knowledge of the public in the subjects of Archaeology, Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development. We enable individuals, organisations, and communities within the East Midlands and East Anglia to advance education and participation in these subjects by awarding scholarships, maintenance allowances, and grants.

Strategic Goals

  • To support people to access further and higher education in the study of archaeology, environmental studies, and related subjects.
  • To support schools in the provision of facilities for learning in archaeology and environmental issues.
  • To provide funding for archaeological research, in its widest sense.
  • To promote learning for pleasure by people no longer in full time employment.
  • To promote sustainable development for the benefit of the public.
  • To advance the education of the public in subjects relating to sustainable development and the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment.
  • Network with other organisations promoting archaeology, education, and environmental issues.
  • Increase our reserves available for distribution via grants and bursaries.

What kind of Activities will FMPCT support?

Applications must clearly demonstrate that they meet one or more of the aims of FMPCT (listed below).


To facilitate the education of the public in matters related to Archaeology.

To Support Archaeological research with the intention of enhancing knowledge about Archaeology and its impact on modern day society.

Environmental Conservation

To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment.

To raise environmental awareness and promote behaviour that benefits the environment.

To advance and facilitate the education of the public in matters related to the Environment.

Specific Exclusions

The Trustees will not support:

a) Retrospective funding- ie. for projects or expenditure that has already occured).

b) Re-enactment or costumed interpretation activities.

Who can Apply?

Applications for grants can be accepted from individuals, educational establishments, and constituted not-for-profit organisations (including community groups and registered charities), in the East Midlands and East Anglia.

How much can you apply for?

There is no maximum or minimum amount, but until the Trust grows its reserves significantly, the Trustees will normally only support requests of less than £500. FMPCT will fund applicants either in full or to act as match funding through partially funding you or your project.

FMPCT reserves the right to award less money than requested, and in this case will provide an explanation as to why they have chosen to award a lower amount.

We offer intermediary/emergency grant funding too:

There are alternative options to apply for specific financial support via either our Richard Rigg Award Grant scheme or through our emergency support package which is set up during times of crisis (for example we currently offer a Covid19 support grant to organisations who have been affected by the pandemic.  click on the blue links for further details.

If I’ve been awarded funding, can I reapply for more?

Applications for grant funding shall be considered for award only when a gap of one FMPCT financial year (April to April) has elapsed between a grant of funds and the consideration of a new application for further grant funding. In exceptional circumstances the Trustees may agree to waive this condition.

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted on the FMPCT Application Form, via our website. If the Trustees approve your request, they will also ask for a signed hard copy of the form and other verification before grants are awarded.

Applications for grants exceeding £500 will be subject to a two stage process. In the first instance, please submit an Application Form, if the Trustees agree to consider the application further, you will be asked to provide more information to enable them to make a decision.

When are the deadlines for the applications?

Applications to FMPCT are accepted on a rolling basis. The Trustees meet on a quarterly basis, generally in January, April, July and October. Once received (no less than one calendar month prior to the subsequent meeting) applications will be put forward to the Trustees. The Trustees of FMPCT reserve the right to alter the timing of the meetings and therefore your application would be held until the next meeting.

Grant Terms and Conditions

The FMPCT grant application form and subsequent grant offer letter will include the full Terms and Conditions under which any grant is made. Before sending back your application you should ensure that you are prepared to meet them. In addition to those listed below, your grant offer letter would also detail any specific terms and conditions that the Trustees attach to a specific project.

  • Individuals must provide a letter of reference from a sponsoring organisation, tutor, or trusted third party.
  • Grants, Bursaries, and allowances will be paid by cheque or Bank Transfer into the bank account of the individual or beneficiary organisation.
  • Successful applicants must accept the offer of a grant in writing within 14 days of an offer of grant being made otherwise FMPCT reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a grant.
  • Co-operation must be given in providing updates on projects supported by FMPCT.
  • All money must be claimed within 12 months of the offer letter. FMPCT must be informed within the initial 12 months if there will be a delay in claiming the money, a request should be sent in writing to the Trustees.
  • FMPCT reserves the right to reallocate any monies if they are not claimed within 12 months.
  • The support of FMPCT must be recognised in all relevant publicity and promotional material using the logo and text, which will be provided on request.
  • By accepting a grant or bursary, you agree to FMPCT using the project in publicity and promotion.