FMPCT announce Corona virus support to Eco-sites and projects that need it.

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The Coronavirus Emergency Funding Grant

Typically, the Francis and Maisie Pryor Charitable Trust support projects, charities or individuals in need of funding to achieve an end goal. We have supported the installation of birdboxes, wildlife cameras, even awarded funding for archaeological digs as well as work alongside education bodies to bring the natural world to a wider audience. We are very proud of our ability to support these projects and also take great pride in being able to support people in their drive to promote Archaeology, Ecological Conservation and Education or Sustainable Development.

It is fair to say that 2020 has been a year like no other, we have not been able to support as many projects as we would have liked because many have simply not been able to take place.

With this in mind we would like to introduce a new temporary grant, which will be available until the Summer of 2021 (subject to change) where charities can apply for a one off grant of anything between £100-£500 to help them reopen their doors, restart or kickstart their projects and try to carry on with the good work that they were doing. It has been heart-breaking to see so many good causes suffer through this pandemic and we know that this will only lead to seeing some great organisations closing, unable to sustain what they do.

Therefore if you are a charity that sits within the Archaeological, Environmental or Ecological/sustainability sector, based in the East of England and have been affected primarily through the impact of not being able to do what you would normally do then please get in touch, we would love to investigate ways of how we can to help you.

Whilst this may be for a different amount and not have specific project parameters, the rest of our Grant Policy still applies to this Grant, so please read through that before application. If you are unsure of anything please do get in touch (via the contact form, or on twitter @FMPCT)

If you wish to apply, please use the application form on our website and where you are asked to “Describe the Project/Grant Requirement” please title this the “Coronavirus Emergency Funding” so we can find your application quicker.

One final note: If you wish to pledge financial support and wish to help us help others through this pandemic, you can donate safely here online in full knowledge that our trustees will thoroughly scrutinise all applications as well as carefully and sympathetically distribute funds as they see fit. This will mean that every penny pledged is done so to maximum benefit of the project or organisation affected.

We welcome all forms of free giving as well as donations via your will or estate. You can instantly donate here or contact us if you want to arrange leaving us a donation after your death. Every penny donated goes to good causes within the Ecological, Archaeological and Heritage sectors based anywhere within the East of England. We feel it necessary to also point out that all of our serving trustees are volunteers and are unpaid in their roles so any amount pledged goes direct to the projects supported.

Thank You

The Francis and Maisie Pryor Charitable Trust

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