Professor Charles French

Charly is a Professor of Geoarchaeology and Director of the McBurney Geoarchaeology Laboratory in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge PhD (Environmental Archaeology) Institute of Archaeology, University of London; 1979-1983 Prior to April 1992, when he became a lecturer at Cambridge, he was the palaeo-environmentalist and assistant director for Fenland Archaeological Trust from 1983. He specialises in the analysis and interpretation of buried landscapes using geomorphological and micromorphological techniques, and acts as an environmental archaeology consultant and micromorphologist for many archaeological units in eastern England and beyond. He currently is involved in landscape archaeology projects in the East Anglian fenlands, the chalk downlands of Wessex, the Channel Islands, central Bosnia, northwestern India, southern Patagonia and the Ica valley of Peru.

Having served for over 35 years on the board alongside Francis, Charly remains ‘A Friend’ of FMPCT and continues to offer help and support when required.